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We're teaming up with other local businesses to bring unique, local experiences to your camping trip! 
Mr. Drew and His Animals Too
We're teaming up with Mr. Drew and His Animals Too to bring a wildlife experience to your next camping stay.
Information about Mr. Drew
Drew has been interested in animals from a very young age. As a boy, he spent much of his free time in the local woods or by the waters edge. Over 40 years ago, he started keeping aquarium fish, this opened a new world for him ...SCIENCE! Drew has worked in the pet industry for over 30 years. Drew is also a rehabilitator and outreach program for injured, neglected and unwanted exotic animals to either find them good homes or use them in his shows for educational purposes. 
Dates at the Park
Mr. Drew and His Animals Too will be at our park: 
- May 26th
- July 21st
Click here for Mr. Drew's website.
PRIME360 is visiting our campground to give you a super awesome training session! Join their squad in Hero Fitness Training on May 20th from 12-1PM!
Information about PRIME360
In 2013, PRIME360 was founded on the idea of bring real health, to real people. They present a style of training based on the principles of Applied Functional Science (AFS), which means strengthening the way the body was designed to move. 
Click here for the website!
Food Trucks
Have a taste for different cuisines? Enjoy various food trucks this season!
Areko's Wood Fire Pizza
Locally owned and operated out of Sidney, Maine, this food truck offers your classic, locally sourced wood-fired pizza! Enjoy Areko's at our campground on May 25th, July 5th, and August 9th!
L/A Taco Truck
We are excited to be bringing L/A Taco Truck Mex with authentic taste and fresh ingredients on June 28th! Enjoy a bit of Mexican culture and flavor in every taco. They are based in Lewiston/Auburn area and participate in quite a few local food truck events throughout the year.