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Campground Games
Your family will have an authentic camping experience when you spend your time with some of these camper favorites! 
Sharks & Minnows
Here's how to play: 

1. Pick one person to be the shark. The shark will stand alone on one side
2. Every other player will be a minnow and will line up on the opposite side of the shark. 
3. The shark will tag minnows to try and turn them into sharks. 
4. The last minnow standing wins! 
Red Light, Green Light
Here's how to play Red Light, Green Light: 

1. Pick one player to be the traffic light.
2. Every other player will stand on the opposite side.
3. The "traffic light" player will say 'green light' for running, or 'red light' for stopping.
4. When 'green light' is said, players have to run as fast as they can until the traffic light person yells 'red light.'
5. The first player to reach the traffic light wins!
Freeze Tag
  1. Here's how to play Freeze Tag:

    1. Choose one player to be 'it' - this player will be tagging every other player.
    2. If you get tagged, you must stay frozen until another player tags you to unfreeze you. 
    3. If 'it' freezes every player, they win the game! 
Capture the Flag
This game requires two teams! Gather up your new camping friends to play!

1. Split up in two even teams and claim a 'home base.' Make sure there is a line that separates both home bases! (Pro tip: use two sites as home bases!)
2. Each team will hide a flag - the flag can be any item like a bandana, T-shirt, ball, etc. Hide your flag somewhere in your home base.
3. When the game starts, you have to cross into the opponent's territory without getting caught and try to capture the flag. If you get caught, you have to sit in your opponent's 'jail' territory until one of your players tags you out without getting caught!

Here are some tips:
1. Choose one player to be the distraction so other players can sneak to the other side to grab the flag
2. Hide your flag away from your opponent's territory so you can sneak into their side more easily.
3. Choose your fastest player to be the one who captures the flag.
4. Pick a player to protect your flag so they can tag your opponents and send them to jail.
Coloring Pages
Print some of these coloring pages out before your stay so you can color in your free time! 
Card Games
Go Fish